Inclined Platform Lift

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  • November 11, 2019
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Inclined Platform Lift or Handicapped Lifts,

Our inclined platform lifts provide the ideal access solution to any public or commercial building which cannot accommodate a vertical platform or passenger lift. These versatile inclined stairlifts can carry one person safely over a flight of stairs, seated in a wheelchair or you can have the choice of a person seated on the lift seat provided.
Our inclined platform is one of the slimmest wheelchair platform stairlifts available in the market. Simple to use and operate by the wheelchair user, it is the ideal addition, offering easy and safe access to your building. An unobtrusive design means when not in use the folding platform and barrier arm ensure the wheelchair lift folds neatly up and leaves the stairway free for pedestrian use.

Our range is suitable for both straight and curved staircases. Typically used in existing buildings, the wheelchair lift can be wall-mounted or stanchion mounted, or a combination of both to enable fixing whatever the building restrictions. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor external use, plus it’s neat and compact design means the installation can take as little as one day – leaving you being able to provide access for all in your building.


to call the stairlift from the floor or
send it to the parking position

for users not on wheelchair


The overload led and the flashing light with sound
alarm fulfill compliance to the existing Safety Regulations
both in private and public places.


The emergency button stops immediately the platform;
when pressed it lights up and sounds uninterruptedly,
warning the user of any incidental pressing.


The key switch on board prevents from use of the lift
by unauthorized persons.

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